CREATE YOUR OWN Confetti Filled Balloon- 3 sizes to choose from

Create your own confetti filled balloon. Select your balloon size and your confetti fill. Price is for one pre-filled confetti balloon in 11", 17" or 36". 

Either add in notes field at checkout your color choices or email us with either picture or color scheme of your party and we will match your confetti. Email us at

Confetti Balloon Tip: 

If filling 11" or 16" clear balloons with air not helium please note that once fully inflated they may seem a little dull or misty, they will clear in around 10 minutes. Helium creates an immediately clear balloon however the float time for Confetti filled helium balloons is less than standard balloons simply because of the extra weight of the paper inside them (approx 4 - 6 hours).

If filling a confetti filled balloon with air, once the balloon is inflated you can create some static by rubbing the balloon on clothing or hair to help the confetti to stick to the inside.

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