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Silat is actually the collective word for a group of indigenous silat martial arts in Southeast Asia. It is traditionally practised mostly in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Southern Thailand and Southern Vietnam. Some pilot schools also teach a form of mixed martial art based on karate, judo and jiu-jitsu. In general silat means “the way” or “step”.

Many people ask what is so special about silat. Well, I will tell you. Silat is an extremely fast and fluid Martial Art that is based on several disciplines. Each discipline has its own specific movements and techniques. The combinations of these techniques to create speed and power. Silat has evolved over the years to become one of the most graceful martial arts available today.

The major goal of every pilot teacher is to inculcate in his students a set of physical characteristics that will enable them to be agile and flexible. By focusing their physical mastery in all the disciplines taught in a pilot school, the students will be able to execute extremely quick movements, thereby winning the combat scenario. It is also believed that silat will help a person to increase the speed and agility of their mental processes. This will enable them to react faster and to adapt to any type of circumstance.

Silat also teaches a set of very effective self-defense skills. These include several forms of throws, kicks and blocks. All of these moves are meant to either disable or distract an opponent long enough for you to strike them with your feet, legs or arms. Silat also teaches ground defense tactics, which are based mainly on the concept of situational awareness.

Silat is not a sport that is practiced by just anyone. It is an extremely complicated art that requires a lot of concentration, discipline and focus in order to master. In fact, there are specific techniques that you need to practice if you want to master the art of silat. You must also take continuous classes in order to master silat. Self-defence is also one of the most important aspects of learning the art of sight, so it is strongly recommended that you attend a silat class even if you do not plan to practice the martial art on a regular basis.

When it comes to forms of self-defence, the most common that is taught in a silat class is Muay Thai. This is a hugely popular form of martial art that has earned immense popularity across the globe. It combines a set of kicking and punching techniques that can effectively knockout opponents.

Another extremely popular form of silat that is taught in a silat class is the combative technique known as silat rocun or head butt. This technique is basically used to bring down your opponent to the ground using your head. As with the other forms of self-defence, you need to learn this technique completely before applying it on an opponent. A few pilot teachers might be hesitant to teach it to beginners because it involves a lot of force, which some students may not be able to handle.

There are also a number of solar variations that are taught in a traditional silat class. Some of these forms include the classical silat such as Baguazhang and the western style of silat such as wudan. You can also choose from among the many forms that have been designed exclusively for professionals such as Shotokan, isshin ryu, said kyudo and many more. No matter what your style of slat is, you should definitely consider taking up a silat class so you can learn the important basics and get a feel for the art form.

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